"JL Approved"


Juliette, in creating the style of this collection, was inspired by the theme "Night and Day". This embodies the versatility of the garment - perfect for a night out at the club, a day on the streets, a sip of a pinot noir at the local wine bar, in the garden with your dogs, a quick trip to the grocery store or why not for a chill and cozy evening at home in bed. Juliette describes the inspiration behind the collection as each piece is designed to be energy-infused, making you feel as comfortable at a festival as in your local grocery store.

Dusk's enigma, Dawn's clarity, conceptual fusion at play

Juliette takes the lead at Nufferton's design table, where new shades become a tribute to rebellion and self-expression. As the face of Nufferton, she embodies a cool anthem with a rock'n'roll riff and humble swagger, defying clichés and blazing a trail of iconic style with every handpicked hue.

Juliette Lewis - Limited Edition

Juliette Lewis - Limited Edition

Our latest collection together with Juliette Lewis offers two unisex styles: a...